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Left brain and right brain working in perfect harmony.

And now, 100% Woman-Owned!

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If years of engineering experience have taught us anything it is this: Engineering alone does not always provide the most effective solutions to engineering problems.

Which is why the Bowling Mamola Group takes a more holistic approach. By incorporating both sides of the brain — analyzing the smallest details while creatively addressing the broader issues that accompany transportation and public works engineering projects — the Bowling Mamola Group can identify, design, implement and manage better solutions.

Since opening the doors in 2003 and implementing their whole-brain approach to engineering, principals Randy Bowling and Patty Mamola and the Bowling Mamola Group have consistently been awarded a diverse array of assignments. From developing project management tools for the $80-million I-580 Galena Creek Bridge construction project, to creating an entirely new platform for the Nevada Department of Transportation’s Construction Manual, the Bowling Mamola Group has been at the forefront of many of the landmark engineering assignments in the Western United States.

You’ll find more on the Bowling Mamola Group’s whole-brain approach here, including implementing groundwater remediation plans, coordinating economic impact analysis, studying fuel tax distribution and leading construction management projects, to name a few.

The Bowling Mamola Group engages engineering in a refreshingly different fashion. To learn more, please explore our website. If you’d like to contact the principals directly, click here.